Seven things you need to know before your first post-lockdown night out

Just a few small steps

We get it – with the government announcing changes to restrictions from this weekend, you might be counting down the minutes until your local opens.

Extended periods of lockdown has taken a toll on Manchester. We’ve all missed letting our hair down. We’re excited to see the city up and running again, but we need to make sure everyone stays safe. Before you start making any plans, here are seven things that will set you up for a good (and safe) night out.

1. Plan ahead

Shop sign reading

Only businesses that are confident they can keep their customers safe will be open from 4 July. It’s going to be a gradual process before the hospitality sector is completely back on its feet again, so don’t assume your local will be open. Plan ahead by looking online for updates and opening hours.

2. Book in advance

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If you book online, you won’t be left out!

“I checked online and it said they were open,” is not what you want to be saying to your friends as you’re standing outside your favourite restaurant in the rain. If there’s somewhere you have your heart set on going, check to see if you need to book. Lots of places won’t allow walk-ins, and you will need to leave your contact details ahead of time, to support the NHS Test and Trace service.

3. Wash your hands and use contactless

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Washing your hands regularly with soap and water, for a minimum of 20 seconds, is still so important. Most places will provide hand sanitizer too, which also does the job. If you can, use contactless payments – most places will prefer this and you’ll be doing your bit to protect yourself and others around you.

4. Keep your distance

Two dogs demonstrating the length of 2 metres

As you’re walking around, you’ll probably notice lots of new signs on the streets and in pubs and restaurants, reminding you to keep your distance. You need to say at least one metre away from anyone you don’t live with (two metres where possible).

5. Don’t invite everyone

As tempting as it will be to call every mate in your contacts and have a massive get together, unfortunately, it’s not possible. If you’re going to a restaurant or pub you should only visit with:

  • Your household groups (or support bubbles)
  • one other household
  • or with up to 5 other people if you’re outdoors and maintain social distance.

6. Choose how and when to travel safely

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Plan how you are going to get home after your night out. If you’re going to use public transport you’ll need to wear a face-covering or mask, and you’ll need to leave extra time for the journey as capacity is limited to make sure everyone keeps their distance. This guide from Transport for Greater Manchester covers everything you need to know before you travel. If you or friends are walking home to avoid public transport, look out for each other. Stay safe and don’t walk home alongside water.

7. Look out for each other

Bees holding hands forming a chain

It has been a difficult few months for everyone, and we can’t wait to see you as Machester gradually recovers.

Let’s keep up the great work and lead by example on how to enjoy a night out responsibly, and safely.

Stay safe, enjoy yourself and look out for each other.