Personal messages from Manchester’s health chiefs

City’s health chiefs talk friends, family and personal plea behind 14-day isolation rules for coronavirus contact tracing

As lockdown gradually lifts further, it’s more important than ever for people that think they have coronavirus to stay at home and book a test as soon as they can.

It’s also vital that those who get a call from the NHS test and Trace team to say they have been near a person who has tested positive, follow the rules around self-isolating for two weeks

Manchester City Council have issued messages from Manchester’s top health chiefs. David and Sarah both share personal messages of solidarity for the people of Manchester for their help with COVID-19 Test and Trace work, and share their personal thoughts on why it’s critical.

Manchester’s Director of Public Health

David Regan, Manchester’s Director of Public Health, said:

“We’ve come so far already that sometimes we can lose sight of what we have already achieved working together. For example, no one wants to see those images from Italy again that we all remember.

If I’m identified at any point as a contact who needs to self-isolate, I will do it, thinking of my colleagues, family, friends, and the people of this city. They all make me feel proud and thankful every day, especially after what we have all been through in recent months.”

David Regan, Manchester’s Director of Public Health

David Regan, Manchester’s Director of Public Health

Sarah Doran, Consultant in Public Health’s plea

Sarah Doran, Consultant in Public Health, leading on Manchester’s response to coronavirus and contact tracing, said:

“I have friends and colleagues who have lost loved ones to COVID-19, and I’ve wept for them all. That’s because I’m not just a consultant in public health – I’m a mother, wife, daughter, friend and colleague. My mum is over 70 and has asthma and breathing problems. I also have friends and colleagues with black, Asian and other minority group heritage who are more at risk of the disease.

I would self-isolate if I was a contact, not just for the people I love, but for the people others love too.”

Sarah explains her very personal plea around self-isolating and Test and Trace: