Help NHS Test & Trace by keeping a ‘socialising journal’

Can you retrace your steps?

We’re used to knowing journals as diary entry records– but now Manchester’s public health boss, David Regan, says adding in where you’ve been or who you have come in close contact with, could be crucial to the NHS Test & Trace service.

Not only do we need to take every precaution and follow the rules on social distancing, hand-washing and face coverings where needed while coming out of lockdown. But we also need to play our part in NHS Test & Trace.

Graphic displaying text reading

Creating a journal in the notes section on your phone takes 30 seconds.

If we all keep a diary of where we have been and at what time, or who we may have come into close contact with, it can give an accurate record if needed. This would then help the NHS teams who are either testing for the disease, or, are tracing people who may have been in close range of someone who has a confirmed case.

We all know it can be difficult to remember the exact details of events from a week ago, but just a simple memo in a diary entry can give the clarity needed to make sure that you and others are all kept safe.

Seeing a journal in action

If you think you have symptoms

If anyone thinks they have symptoms of Coronavirus they should stay in and book a test immediately on or call 119 if you do not have internet access.