Sunny with a 100% chance of social distancing

Top up that tan!

Kind of. It ain’t raining in Manchester this weekend, we’re seeing temperatures of up to 19°, with sunny spells and gentle breezes. That’ll do us.

Those of you thinking this is the perfect beer garden weather would be absolutely correct. The warm weather is sure to bring more people into town.

The good news is, many bars and restaurants in the city now provide outdoor seating, and are set up to trade safely while we carefully transition out of the national lockdown.

Here’s what you need to know before going into town this weekend.

Manchester, you’ve changed!

If it’s your first time coming back into Manchester– first of all, welcome back! Secondly, you’ll notice things look different. For a start, bar and restaurant staff will be wearing face coverings. Do not let that put you off, this is a measure in place for your safety. You will not be required to wear a covering yourself, unless you are travelling on public transport, where it is compulsory.

The distance between tables in bars and restaurants will have changed to allow for social distancing – some businesses are now only open with outdoor seating and lots of streets have been closed off to vehicles to make this possible. If you’re driving into the city centre, please be extra careful and leave more time for your journey.

Keep washing those hands

Another change you will almost instantly notice is the appearance of hand sanitizer stations outside pretty much everywhere. Lockdown might be easing but it is still so important to regularly wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds. Sanitizer will do the job, when soap and water are not available.

Keep your distance

Social distancing is still key. Not just indoors but also while you’re mooching about. We’ve changed areas all over the city to support this. We have a few temporary measures and signs all over to remind the city to keep staying alert and safe.

Partners are out there keeping us safe

Walking around Manchester, particularly after sunset, you may see a much higher police presence in the centre and surrounding areas. This is to keep everyone safe. Partners shared how pleased they were with Manchester’s behaviour in the city centre, and we’re really proud of that. Let’s keep it up.


Finally, if you’re planning on being outside for long periods of time over the weekend, don’t forget the suncream!

Stay safe, enjoy yourself and look out for each other.