Thank you for everything so far, Manchester

Thank you for social distancing; let’s keep it up

We’ve gradually started to see folk return to Manchester as lockdown has eased, many for the first time in months as bars, restaurants and pubs reopen.

The city has started its recovery, but things aren’t quite back to business as usual. We still have a long way to go, and we don’t know what the future holds, but one thing is sure. Manchester pulls together during difficult times, it always has and always will.

Manchester pulls together during difficult times, it always has and always will.

Over the past two weekends, you’ve done us proud. We have gotten off to a great start, and from the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank you.

Things may look different, but we’re still Manchester.

Things do look a bit different with hand sanitiser on every corner and bar staff wearing facemasks, but Manchester is unquestionably getting its buzz back.

When Manchester City Council spoke with people visiting the city centre at the beginning of this month, their opinions were both reassuring and encouraging.

If you’ve returned to the city centre since the easing of the national lockdown, the changes on our high streets are not the only differences you will have seen. As local businesses take to the streets, providing new and safe outdoor areas, some of our roads now look entirely unrecognisable! Take a stroll through the Northern Quarter, and you’ll see that Manchester is starting to look even trendier.

Supporting local businesses

We love this Tweet from @ILoveMCR, which shows six ways to support small businesses during this recovery period. If there’s a place in town you’re a massive fan of, be sure to hype them up on your social. Our recovery would not be possible without the hard-working individuals who make up our local businesses.

Before you head out

If you’re heading out, one more thing we’d recommend you do is jot down where you’ve been and who you’ve come into close contact with. It’ll take 30 seconds of your time, and the information you log could prove to be crucial in helping the NHS Test & Trace service. Watch the below video for more details:

Again, we thank you for being a part of Manchester’s recovery.