Manchester offers its own version of sign of respect– that avoids physical contact

Heart-smart gesture aims to help stop the spread of Coronavirus

As more lockdown restrictions ease, Manchester City Council’s public health team is appealing to the city to keep on with social distancing – and to remember to avoid shaking hands or other contact greetings.

The team are, instead, offering an alternative gesture, with a tap on your heart to show respect or affection for someone who you don’t live with.

Public health consultant Dr Cordelle Mbeledogu says the move recognises the need to show deference or affection for others – while helping to avoid the transmission of COVID-19.

“Manchester is such a vibrant, multicultural city, where it is important to honour or show regard for others. People have been fantastic in supporting the social distancing measures to keep us all safe.

However, we know that as more people start to go out it’s often instinctive to want to revert to shaking hands or hugging one another. I’m hoping this suggested ‘non- contact’ embrace will help with the expression of warmth that Manchester’s renowned for.”

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