Welcome Back, Manchester…again!

After a long and challenging 12 months it’s a relief to us all that our city will soon be opening again. We’ve missed you!

What’s different about the lockdown easing this time around?

The government has set out its roadmap for the easing of lockdown this year– but we all know meeting these milestones is only possible if we carry on following all the safety guidelines. The approach is cautious, and we all need to keep doing our bit to achieve it. We cant wait to see you, but let’s take is slow You can find the latest rules and guidance at GOV.UK. 

Mind your head

We’ve been in and out of local and national lockdowns over the past year, and it’s taken its toll on many of us mentally. Now more than ever we need to be looking out for ourselves and others. Check-in on family, friends and neighbours safely and don’t be afraid to speak up if you need support. Find more support here.

Manchester opens soon…Here’s where we come in…

Welcome Back, Manchester (again) is a place to celebrate everything that is great about Manchester, while supporting the safe re-opening of our businesses and showcasing all the exciting things which will (soon!) be going on in our city. 

We’ll be publishing blogs on everything from restriction changes to spotlights on local businesses. 

Our bright and colourful signs will also be up across Manchester welcoming you all into the city once it’s time.

Welcome Back campaign signage across Manchester

We’ve also created a brand-new email newsletter called Welcome Back Manchester- again, to give you the latest info on what you can get up to in the city as it re-opensYou can sign up to receive this free email here. 

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See you soon.