Remember: Rule of 6 or two households can mix outdoors

Spring is in the air and the sun is shining.

It’s been really hard not being able to see family and friends over the last few months– but things have changed. The Rule of 6 is now in place, meaning you can see some of your loved ones outdoors, in private gardens and parks.

Remember, the Rule of 6

What does the Rule of 6 mean?

Can’t remember what the Rule of 6 means? Here’s our handy guide: 

  • You can meet outdoors in a group of up to 6 people from any number of households 
  • Up to 2 households can meet in groups of any size, including support bubbles 
  • Stay 2m apart from anyone from a different household 
  • You still can’t socialise indoors with anyone you don’t live with or are in a support bubble with 

More information is available on GOV.UK.

Safety first!

If you’re meeting up in a public place like one of our parks or green spaces, please act responsibly to keep everyone safe! 


  • Try to keep to parks or green spaces in your local area, and avoid travelling too far. 
  • Keep your hands clean – wash them as much as you can or use sanitiser  
  • Keep at least 2m apart from people not in your household 
  • Don’t leave your litter on the ground. Bin it or take it home with you! 

Fire up the BBQ and enjoy time with your family and pals. But stay safe, and remember the Rule of 6.