Manchester is backing business: we’re open once again

Until Monday 12 April, non-essential businesses across the country were closed under lockdown restrictions.

We spoke to Thomas’s Chop House and Fred Aldous before they opened up and they told us how excited they were, and explained how hard they had worked to make their businesses Covid secure and ready for us to enjoy.

Raise a glass, outdoors

In this short video, Jemma from Thomas’ Chop House would like to remind us how staff are doing their best in ever-changing situations, and that they can’t wait to see you all.

Let’s go shopping

Some businesses may have been classed as ‘non-essential’, but we’ve missed so many of the businesses that keep Manchester’s heart beating. Fred Aldous gave us a run down of the changes they’ve made to keep things safe, and to make us feel welcome.

Good luck to all Manchester businesses opening

Let’s remember to meet staff half-way and do our part to make sure we’re keeping ourselves and our businesses safe while they reopen.